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Insulated Shutter Burn Test
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CLF Fire Insulated Shutters
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Fire Insulated Rolling Shutter
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Insulated Fire Shutter

CLF Insulated Fire Curtains 

are designed to activate automatically and safely

during a fire - slowing and delaying the spread of

deadly smoke, gases and heat whilst the building’s

occupants evacuate the premises calmly and 


CLF provide 2 categories of insulated curtains:

1) 2 thick curtain layers of insulated fabric materials

2) 2 thick curtain layers of insulated fabric materials 

clad with a single layer of steel slats.


CLF Insulated Fire Curtain comes in a combination of 2 to 4 hour integrity and 1 to 2 hour insulation. Our curtains are tested and certified to conform to standards of integrity and insulation as set by TÜV SÜD PSB Singapore. You may click on this link to view the various COCs issued to CLF.


The CLF Insulated Fire Curtain is motor operated with in built Manual Override Operator.  The motor is fire-rated and equipped with upper and lower limit switches, built-in thermal protector and manual hand-chain driven operation through gear reduction to achieve safe closing speed control via the use of a proprietary brake release system.


A fusible link mechanism is a safety feature of a CLF Insulated Fire Curtain.  This mechanism sets the shutter in motion when the temperature fuse melts at 67 degree Celsius.  Even in the event of a power failure, the curtain will be dispatched to provide safety and protection.


For added safety protection, an alarm-activated auto release device may be applied.  When the fire-alarm is activated, a CLF Insulated Fire Curtain receiving this alarm signal will disengage the brake causing the curtain to lower at a controlled speed by the forces of gravity.  This safety feature will kick in regardless of the power supply situation and in this way ensures that the curtain is dispatched to provide safety and protection.


CLF insulated curtains are typically applied to areas where there are people mass such as in schools, in hospitals, in hotels, in malls, in transportation interchanges, airports or seaports. They can also be used to condone areas where combustible items or activities are prevailent such as in kitchen,in bin centres, or warehouses.


We provide a 12-month limited material, labor and workmanship warranty.



     - Protection of Up to 4hr Integrity and

        2hr heat Thermal Insulation

     - Motorised with Manual Override


     - Fusible Link Mechanism

     - Alarm-activated Auto Release Device


     - Emergency Source (E-source)

     - TUV SUV PSB  Certified

     - 1 Year Limited Warranty


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