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Ezee Bi-fold Shutter

Ezee is a bi-fold shutter that is elegant and stylish. An unobtrusive facade to your shopfront it acts like a curtain that when fully drawn presents your business in all its splendor and at close of business shields it just enough to engage continuing retail interests.


Ezee is a versatile and design friendly alternative to the traditional drop down shutter.  Its application is limited only to your imagination. Ezee is found in Shopping Malls, Schools, Hospitals, Hotels, Kiosks, Counter Tops, Eateries, Condominiums, Clubs, Private Housing, International and so on.


Ezee can be fabricated to a maximum height of 4.0 meters but is unlimited in the width of the shutter. Ezee may be parted from the center or opened from one end of your shop.  The closets to contain the shutter may be situated to either side of your shop or tucked away to an obscure corner.  The shutter enclosure may be curved, waved or it may encircle your entire shop.  


Ezee is manually operated by hand.  Being lightweight, they glide easily on heavy duty hinged rollers when maneuvered.  


The standard finish is natural anodized with the option to powder coat to the color that compliments your business.


Ezee comes with in-fill Clear Poly-carbonate panels. Clients have the option of using perforated  panels or a mixture of both.  


Ezee uses a flush bolt locking system that consist of a main lock with key and twist-locks situated at 2m intervals.  The main lock can be opened with key from inside and outside whereas the twist lock operates from within the shop enclosure.  


We provide a 12-month limited material, labor and workmanship warranty.

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