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CLF Polycarbonate Rolling Shutters are a popular choice of shutter for many shop owners.  They are designed to provide high clarity visual of your shop and merchandise while providing security and natural light flow.


They are lightweight and therefore easy to operate.  They can be manually or electrically applied and are especially ideal for retail shops, shopping centers, clubs, doorways, showrooms and halls.


  1. Shutter Curtains are made of heavy duty impact proof polycarbonate panels with face depth of 75mm and between 2mm to 3mm thickness or 85mm and about 1.5mm thickness.

  2. The panels are interlocked into a double-hinged extruded aluminium mid-rail.

  3. Aluminium elements may be anodised, powder coated or flurocarbon-coated finished.

Polycarbonate Rolling Shutters
Best Tech Marina Square
Lee Heng Jewellers Tion Bahru
marks and spencer changi city
new balance
polycarbonate at one km
lateral polycarbonate
value shop
young hearts
plaything changi city
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