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about us

CLF Shutters Asia Ptd Ltd ("CLF") as we are known today has roughed many challenges  to become  one  of the nation's leading rolling shutters company. With over 40 years of experience in the manufacture, installation and  innovation of doors and shutters, we are confident to satisfy the requirements of our customers.
Research and development has been a key hallmark of CLF.  We maintain the legacy of our founder believing strongly in innovation and introducing new products and solutions that adhere to local rules and regulations, reflect the change of the times, clients' quests for innovation, creativity, simplicity and other practical considerations.
Over the years, we have established a trustworthy network of business partners, contractors and vendors to ensure that our commitment to value, timely delivery, quality and trust of our clients are fulfilled. All our doors and shutters are mostly fabricated fully in our factories. With every new product, we carefully design and craft them before installing them in-house. They are then tested for robustness, safety, ease of application, quality and finally marketed to our clients.  The advantage for self production enables quality control of work-manship, adds versatility for customization whilst at the same time provide cost flexibility to our clients.
CLF has over the years trained a pool of seasoned installers and workers.  We understand the importance of and exercise fair compensation to ensure our installers and workers are well taken care of.  Our business model has always been to do our best, to innovate, to have integrity and to exercise fair play. We hope to achieve and maintain good quality and offer the best to our customers and continue the exiom that in CLF, Our Shutters Just Roll Better.
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