Fire-rated Steel Rolling Shutters (FRS)           

FRS specsOur fire-rated steel rolling shutters are tested according to the British Standards 476 Part 22: 1987 and are fully approved by the Productivity Standards Board (PSB) and the Fire Safety Bureau of Singapore (FSB). They are manufactured locally by CLF Shutters Asia Pte Ltd and hence, they are assured to be of the highest quality at the lowest prices.



PSB certFRS TestThey are especially suited for industrial buildings, commercial buildings, kitchens, warehouses and any other openings that require up to 4hrs fire-rated steel shutters. We are certified to manufacture fire-rated shutters of up to a maximum dimension of up 10000mm width and 7000mm height in a single panel. Beyond this span a separate assessment is required.

DO YOU KNOW? – The shutter can be connected to the fire alarm panel where activation via a DC 24V (2A) signal is necessary for the shutter to be closed. In the event where only a contact free signal (0V) is provided, an optional interface device (incorporated with a back-up battery pack) is required to provide the DC 24 V (2A) signal.

Industrial Premise Industrial premise FRS installed below MRT track

FRS - Republic Poly FRS - Protection at carpark access FRS - Republic Poly

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